Bailey's Story

A house is never lonely where a loving dog awaits...!

That day is still fresh in my mind. It was March when our bundle of joy came home. My parents loved the idea of getting a dog home as it was our second pup. As soon as he stepped in, everybody was mesmerized by the sight. He looked like a lil teddy bear jumping all around with excitement.


Our bonding began by merely looking into our dog’s twinkling eyes. He was so goofy, uplifting and truly full of life. Every dog happens for a reason, inspired by A dog’s purpose we named him Bailey. Ever since our lives in lockdown has been all about Bailey. I found my best friend in him. I mean, who else will greet you every day like they had been waiting for you their whole life?

My mom’s favorite time is when she gets sad about something, and Bailey sensing that she is upset comes up to her and starts giving her his paw until she smiles. It's such a delightful scene to watch. It’s normal for pet parents to be obsessed with their pet babies, perhaps obsessed is an understatement. He’s become the most loved member of our family as he always knows if he’s done something wrong, but the best part? He knows to make the wrong right!


Bailey is a big foodie, I guess it is true for all Retrievers. He follows everyone around the house, but the kitchen is his favorite place in the house watching my mother cook and asking for food. It is his own unique way of telling us “I am hungry”. Well this is something we have not been able to decode as he’s always hungry. Bailey is never a quiet dog, but he gets super hyper around his favorite dishes. Whenever we try to calm him and make him sit before we serve him his meal, he hardly stays for a while before jumping again to have his food. He looks so adorable when eating his food and creating a mess around himself. That puppy face and expressions whilst we are having our meal, it is a sight to behold!

Indeed, “Money can buy you a dog but only love can make him wag his tail” although in our case it is food. Foodie family ka foodie puppy!


PS: Bailey loves attention and posing! Show some love guys!