Slurp, bite, gulp repeat!

From Hyderabad to Mumbai, one bite at a time!

"Ek Ladki Dekhi, Bilkul Bijli Ki Tarah

One Flash Ek Chamak


Main Apna Dil Kho Baitha"

Ji Haan! This is my story of a long-distance relationship. Hyderabadi biryani se Mumbai ke vada paav tak, this journey embarks the story of love and food.


How often do you cogitate about love and relationships? Perhaps, when you see an elderly couple strolling through the gardens or a vigorous couple in a café, or that movie "Dil bechara" you watched recently, or that novel you read the other day, or that song by Prateek Kuhad you have been humming all day?

We often tend to overlook the magic and essence of the love that's separated by miles and miles of distance. What makes it so special? The trips and anticipation of meeting them.


My trip scenes comprise of the quest & adventure once we start hunting for the food that satiates the both of us!

Mumbai’s food scene is created from a combination of high-end restaurants, cheap eats, street food and more. For me, it's all about that vada pav, Akuri on toast, bhel Puri, juice, Bombay sandwich! Slurp, bite, gulp, hoard. These dishes will revive your taste buds reflecting a rich culinary existence. To actually relish the food scenes, venture out and devour the very best street food that the city has to offer in terms of its diverse street food options.

The city beach is a favorite spot that truly justifies “sand, sea and lip-smacking chaat experience.” Adding the Cutting chai and walking along the Nariman point, incredibly satisfying right? But this picture of Mumbai's streets seems incomplete, almost lifeless without the hustle bustle of the city and popular street food stalls that add the much-needed tadka in our lives.

Misal Pav at Aaswad are a few things I am drooling about even now as I pen this down. Perhaps, it’s true when they say that a city's pulse can only be felt on its streets and devoured in its street food.