One size doesn't fit all,
so why should your food be any different?

We understand the hardwork, the long hours, the early mornings & late nights - so we went ahead and took one thing off your plate, no pun intended! We simplified food searches for you and got you your very own food guide for the best of everyday and all those special occasions

We aim to help every kind of food business to grow and reach out to their potential customers and archive your gastronomical experiences.

It all dates back back to October 2017, when we decided to put an end to what follows every 'What should I have today?' conundrum. Before you know it, we were making pitches and dwelling on business designs. Our team rallied around the clock to get eatoes up and running. There were stumbles, there were falls but we soldiered on. We just couldn’t wait to make our way past all the hurdles to our users. And this is how, eatoes came to life. Hopefully, you will enjoy the experience.

Meet the eatheads

We at eatoes adore you and are glad to have you onboard. eatoes and all the eatheads are committed to bringing you the finest of culinary experiences from across the country on your phone screens and building a community of diverse yet like-minded and passionate food connoisseurs. We believe that anyone can and should be able to rate, review and find the best of their cravings under a minute at eatoes. Let us be your food guide to always keep those hunger pangs at bay and the restaurants closer. Allow us to simplify the herculean task of what lies ahead of every 'Let's go somewhere out to eat' conversation.

Here are some of the eatheads that made it happen. Scroll down to connect with them!

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